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"Driven to Be the Very Best" is more than a slogan at Ironclad Engines; it is a way of life for all of their experienced employees. Not only is Ironclad Engines dedicated to distributing the highest quality engines and components in the market, they are also committed to setting the industry standard when it comes to customer service.

Ironclad's line-up of domestic and import long blocks along with Heavy Duty engines offer top notch quality at competitive prices. As each engine is built with O.E. quality replacement parts and expert workmanship, Ironclad engines offer excellent value and reliability.

In fact there are more than 150 processes involved in remanufacturing a Ironclad engine that make it stand out from the competition:

  • Each engine is tested (with some being hot-run tested) for compression, oil pressure, oil leaks, engine noise and general operating conditions before shipment.
  • Engine blocks are magnafluxed, bored, and precision honed with the mains being line honed
  • Camshaft bearings are line bored for accurate center-to-center clearance
  • Engine blocks and cylinder heads are precision surfaced
  • Cylinder heads are magnafluxed and machined for three-angle valve seats
  • Crankshafts are stress-relieved, precision ground, and micro-polished
  • Cam shafts are precision ground or replaced with new

For Ironclad passenger cars and light truck applications, Ironclad Engines is proud to offer a standard 3-year unlimited mileage warranty. Please note that certain qualifications apply to engines used for commercial and marine applications in regards to warranty terms.

With more than 15,000 remanufactured engines in stock that are ready for fast, free delivery, Ironclad has strategically placed distribution centers to ensure that most United States locations can be reached within 48 hours. Even more impressive, this inventory allows us to provide coverage for 95% of today's needs!